Our Initiatives

  • Super Mentors
  • Project Light of Hope
  • Care A Lot
  • LED Bulb Making Training
  • Computer Training Program
  • English Learning Program

Care A Lot

The winter season may be quite unpleasant in many situations, and since people cannot afford basic essentials like warm clothing or blankets, they are unable to defend themselves from it.
Youth Empowerment Foundation started a program that gives away warm clothing and blankets to those who would otherwise be unable to protect themselves from the winter’s chill. This was done to assist people with the same necessity.
Many people donated their clothing in support of this cause, which has changed this season for many less fortunate people who cannot afford the luxury of the same.

LED Bulb Making

We made an effort by teaching young brains how to make LED bulbs, which enabled them to continue their studies and provide for their family’s needs.

Computer Training Program

One needs to have a foundational understanding of computers in our technologically advanced society. To teach young minds about computers, the charity has started computer training programmes.

Learn English

We all know English is a global language and every person must have a basic knowledge of it. Hence, we launched a program for children hailing from the lower sections of the society to develop and nurture their personalities by learning English.

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